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Commsplus offer bespoke hosted telephone solutions for businesses across the UK.

Hosted telephony is becoming increasingly popular across the world with the advancement in cloud based technologies. Commsplus are able to utilise the versatility of cloud based telecoms to build a solution to suit your needs.

What is hosted voice?

Because hosted voice solutions are so scalable and flexible, they suit ALL manner of businesses; ranging from start ups to large corporations and international businesses.


A few key features include:


Availability allows you to check your colleagues' availability easily from any device. You can see who is making a call and who is receiving a call. Our solution also gives you full control over your availability, allowing you to customise your 'busy' message and change your status at a time that suits you.


Our hosted platform is very flexible and this means integration with your existing IT infrastructure is easy! Not only is the integration fast and simple, but our solution is able to check your calendar to find meetings and busy periods and then adjust your availability to busy and automatically route calls to another destination.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging services are growing in popularity quickly. Commsplus can supply this platform. With a fully secure system, you can quickly and easily message colleagues using the desktop app, a smartphone or by using a tablet. All this is included with our hosted telecoms solution!

Call Handling

Call handling is important for any business. With our platform, you are able to automatically queue callers when staff are busy,  play hold music to these queues, add verbal product announcements or promotions to this music as well as add custom menus to direct people to the right department.

Number Management

Managing phone numbers with our bespoke hosted platform is easy! Using the online portal, you can log on wherever you are and chose the number you want. If you have an existing phone system with an existing phone number, we can move these numbers to our network for you to use however you like.


Our hosted solution is fully scalable, catering to both start ups and international businesses. If your business is spread across several sites, we can connect these sites with our cloud platform. This means that you have full control of inbound numbers and which site they are diverted to.

Call Recording

Our hosted platform will automatically record any calls from any devices. In this day and age, having a record of communication is vital - we are able to record and securely store all voice calls, no matter what device they were made on. You can access all these call recordings from the online portal.

Conference Calls

Conference calls are a very useful tool for businesses of all sizes. Our hosted platform allows three party call conferencing with expansion of up to 20 people possible. This vital tool can help bring sites  together in one simple call. Our solution has fast and reliable voice connection ideal for conference calls.

How does it work?

Hosted telecoms use cloud based technology to get your business connected. We are able to bring all the convenience of modern technology into one easy to use phone system. Using EVE, our hosted telecoms platform, we can connect any device capable of making voice calls to the cloud.

Our hosted solution works seamlessly with smartphones. With the smartphone app powered by EVE, you can connect your mobile to your telephone system with ease. The app works on iOS, Android and Windows. With this app, you can use all the features of your telephone system on the go.


The app allows you to search through contacts, see who's available talk to and even instant message colleagues using the smart and easy to use interface. You can set your availability status and even control future availability. The app allows you to harness the power of our hosted platform allowing you and your business to benefit from reduced costs and increased productivity.


For more information about business smartphones, click here.

Flexible. Reliable. Scalable.


Our hosted solution is fully scalable - from two handsets, to two hundred. With the latest in cloud based technology, Commsplus are able to design a bespoke solution to fit your needs. Our hosted solution is powered by EVE, Exceptional Voice Everywhere. This powerful platform is reliable, stable and cost effective.


The online portal is a great tool for employees to monitor their call history, listen to their call recordings, view their contacts and control inbound calls. This all-in-one portal is simple and easy to use allowing anyone to log on and manage their calls.


In the unlikely event of an emergency or a service disruption at one site, the online portal allows you to log on and quickly configure alternative call routing, allowing you to continue on as normal. For many businesses, lost calls mean lost business, our hosted platform ensures that customers can always reach you, whatever happens!




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