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What is a leased line?

Leased lines are the pinnacle of internet connectivity.


A leased line is a totally dedicated fibre connection from your premises to the internet. Leased lines offer an unparalleled internet connection to businesses of all sizes and locations. It uses a separate Fibre Optic cable that runs directly from your premises to the nearest fibre connection.


You can see from the diagram that a leased line uses a completely independent connection from other broadband lines. This means that your connection is unimpeded by other premises.

A diagram of how business leased lines work

Commsplus offer up to 1Gbps of totally dedicated internet connectivity.

Why choose a leased line?




Commsplus offer leased lines with extraordinary speeds of up to 1Gbps - 2700% faster than the average UK home.

With a 99.9% uptime, our leased lines are one of the most reliable forms of internet connectivity ever.

Our leased lines have few geographic restrictions, we can supply leased lines to businesses far and wide.


Cost Effective


Our leased lines are totally dedicated. This means that you will not suffer during 'peak times'.

With Commsplus, you know that you are getting the best speeds and the most cost effective deal.

Our leased lines put you in control of your bandwidth. They are flexible and fully adjustable to suit you.

Leased lines not for you?

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A diagram of how business leased lines work
A diagram of how business leased lines work
A diagram of how business leased lines work