A few key facts...

  • Commsplus can offer Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). The next generation of fibre broadband.
  • FTTC broadband is being rolled out to homes and businesses across the UK and could increase your broadband speed by up to 250%.
  • Having fibre to the cabinet, even though from the cabinet to the premises will still be copper, considerably increases the speed from the standard ADSL or ADSL 2+.
  • In terms of speed this will be increased from a maximum of up to 24 meg download and approximately half a meg upload on ADSL to 80 meg download and 20 meg upload on FTTC.*

What is FTTC?

The roll out of FTTC is steadily progressing over the country with a good proportion of green street cabinets now converted to fibre and able to offer the service on any line that is distributed from that cabinet.


FTTC also offers more stability and reliability than ADSL as its using fibre optic cable for a good proportion of the line length, with only the last leg (from the cabinet to the premise) relying on the old copper cable. This is because fibre optic cable is virtually impenetrable from such outside elements as water and does not degrade as copper often does bearing in mind that this could be up to 100 years old. Copper has certainly served its purpose but fibre is now the only way forward.

Are you interested in Fibre Broadband?

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* The actual achievable speed depends predominantly on how far from the cabinet the property is.

* All facts and figures correct at time of publication.

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